Powerhitter® Football Youth Giveaways at University Homecoming Games with your team colors

Share your team colors and sponsorship logo on the front page  of Powerhitter® Football.

Here's a sample of a Powerhitter®  youth giveaway mini booklet. Front cover features our Football Sportsballkids® with team colors and sponsor logo.   

Task Cards for Integrated Centers

 "The Teachers knew immediately which students attended Powerhitter®. They were up to speed on their math and improved ELA scores on the end-of-year assessments! They also bonded with other "players" and their "coaches."  

- Mrs. Rosa Taylor

 Asst. Principal

 Port Chester, NY 


"Dear Barbara, 

Thank you for coming in and working with our staff! You do such a great job motivating teachers- I'm excited to see how our staff implements your ideas! Thanks for being so dedicated to having fun in education. "

- Kristine Keifer

 Asst Principal
Chandler, AZ

Powerhitter® Football Homecoming and Team Giveaways

Math content in 4th-6th grade Football-themed student booklets aligns with National Math Standards.

Football-themed student booklets align with National Standards. Here, a student  from Hopi Middle School completes Scattegory Thinking Skill Research Activity. 

Booklets for Schools

"Our 4th students (125 of them) came into school so excited on Monday, and it was all because of Power Hitter® Football at our school on Friday before the Super Bowl!  Students transferred concepts, vocabulary and information from Power Hitter® to real life situations, especially when they watched the Super Bowl. This was so amazing for our kids, imagine ELL kids coming up to me and saying, "Mrs. Serna, that guy had a concussion, and another didn't have the right measurements for his helmet, because it came off in the game! "

Your program got them motivated to learn. Can't wait until summer!  We want to do the Baseball program next."   

-Mrs. Serna


Tavan Elementary School

Phoenix, AZ

PowerHitter® Football Math

“Power Hitter® Math was a hit, once again. I had the perfect vehicle tool to really jazz up a rather ordinary multiplication/division unit.  I pulled out my Power Hitter® kit and the fun began.  My students were thrilled.  They solved division baseball math problems; figured out batting averages; ordered scores from highest to lowest and vice versa; completed a photo analysis of a baseball card and created a story around the action depicted.  Before long, we were into Baseball Language Arts.  They defined baseball terms and then used them to write creative stories; they dissected and corrected baseball sentences and much much more.  Please see the attached photos of a Power Hitter® class in action. THANK YOU!!!!”  

 -Mrs. S. Harley

5th grade teacher Scarsdale, NY