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Coach Barb (Dr. Veltri) 

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Barbara Torre Veltri, Ed. D., a certified teacher (N-6 CT/NY, 7-12 Social Studies NY) earned her doctorate from Arizona State University, where  Powerhitter® Classroom  was offered as a 3/6 credit graduate course for teachers (Elementary and Special Education). Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY was  the first GSE to accredit Dr. Veltri's program that also offered practicum credit for full time  "coaches" teaching the program during summer.

Dr. Veltri owns the copyright for 

15 educational products under the Powerhitter® brand and 8 trademarks. 

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In 1993, Leonard Coleman, Major League Baseball's Director of Marketing and future president of the National League, asked Barbara, "How do we reach the kids?"  Her immediate response, "You reach the kids through their teachers." Major League Baseball hired her to present her original baseball-themed educational  seminars to 4th-8th teachers at  home stadiums in both leagues: Phillies (NL) and Orioles (AL) as she covered the academic bases: Literacy, Numeracy, Data Analysis, Geography, Social Studies, Economics, Critical Thinking, Nutrition, Science &  Researching . 

Her methods were a hit! 

Soon, the  BRAVES, METS, MARINERS, PHILLIES, PIRATES, ROCKIES, and TWINS  hired her to present her original seminars for educators at their ballparks. With generous sponsorship from BIC, ADVANTA, RYDER, PEMCO, ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS, PIRATES FOUNDATION, and School Districts, Dr. Veltri was presenting Powerhitter® seminars to teachers across the country from Scarsdale to MLB's ALL-STAR GAME in Seattle, and academic conferences, such as The Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) National Conference.

While baseball is her first love,  Dr. Veltri adapted her trademarked Powerhitter® Classroom Curriculum Kits and Math booklets to Football, and her mini booklets to  Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer. 

Students give her sports-themed, original curriculum "high fives! " Teachers and administrators  value her highly motivational, professional development sessions, that are engaging and standards-based and make implementation of Power Hitter® summer or semester program, with teacher kits and student booklets that enrich and remediate Literacy and Numeracy, a triple play (or triple double)! 

Professional, College and High School Sports Teams meet  youth development and community outreach goals by sponsoring Power Hitter® and Sportsballkids® youth giveaways and teacher seminars.

Dr. Veltri designed and trademarked kid-friendly, characters who represent a different  sportsball. Sportsballkids® include: Stitches® (Baseball), Laces® (Football), Hoops and Hooplee ® (Basketball cousins); Kicks and Kicklee (Soccer) .  They engage kids of all ages and serve as developmentally appropriate sports-themed mascots for a product line of backpacks and school materials. 


Mrs. "V" developed her sports-themed curriculum out of necessity. While teaching at an all-boys school in Greenwich, CT, she noted two students engaging in a baseball card trade during her Language Arts lessons, while  bored and disinterested with the standard curriculum.

Michael M. (currently, an  international investment banker based in the UK)  snagged a prize card of a future Hall-of-Famer).

 Mrs. V asked him to return the card to the owner, as it wasn't a fair trade. 

He retorted, "You're a girl, what to you know about baseball?"  

Well, that afternoon, she decided it was time to use baseball to teach, enrich, remediate and assess  every subject as she hit the rigorous academic standards in the process. Her strategies worked: students were motivated, acquired skills, retained content, understood concepts that transferred to testing situations (resulting in higher assessment scores) collaborated with "teammates," had perfect attendance, and had fun in the